Friday, May 21, 2010

ARB ke Bukit Beruntung Bash #189 23/5/2010

23/5/2009 Ahad - ARB Team akan menggerakkan jentera 2 roda ke trail Bash Bukit Beruntung. 
Kepada semua rider-rider ARB, seperti biasa meeting point di ARB centre pukul 7 pagi. 7:30 pagi, semua kenderaan akan berkonvoi melalui Rawang town dan melalui Sg Choh dan terus ke arah Bukit Beruntung.

Sebelum itu, harap dapat berkumpul di ARB centre pada malam minggu 22/5/2010 ini untuk sama-sama loading bike pada pukul 9:00 malam.

Selamat Kayuh. Drive and Ride safely.

Dibawah adalah explanation mengenai Bash# 189 bukit beruntung diambil dari KLMBH website. Thanks to Patawi.

Directions to Bash #189
Date: May 23, 2010
Time: 0920 Pre-Ride Briefing, 0930 Ride
Venue: Bukit Beruntung
Hares: Casper and Pigpen


Hares Casper and Pigpen give you an extended romp through the rolling countryside of Bukit Beruntung. To the best of our knowledge this area has never been bashed before. Please come and join us as, sometimes separately and sometimes as co-hares, we celebrate having set 25 bashes each. That's a KLMBH milestone.

Please note that this bash has been moved forward a week from the usual date in order not to conflict with the 12 hour MTB enduro in Singapore.

Directions to Bukit Beruntung Hash Site (N3.434027, E101.547546)

From KL:

Proceed North on the NKVE. Exit at the Bukit Beruntung Interchange, Exit 118.

Zero tripmeter at toll
400m: Left at T-junction
1.4km: Left at T-junction
2.2km: Pass under Taman Bunga Raya Archway
2.4km: Park safely on road reserve on right hand side

The long ride will be 25 to 30 kms through rubber, oil palm, orchards, housing estates and something resembling the post apocalypse. It is not particularly technically demanding, mostly just steady and pleasant pedaling although there are several open sections. Expect it to take 2 to 3 hours depending on your level of fitness.

The scenic ride is approximately 12 km, similar to the above. It has moderate climbs and descents and a few open areas. Expect it to take 1 to 2 hours. There is one extended open area that may take 20 minutes to cross, it may be a bit much for children under 10 unless they have a great attitude. No whining please.

Essentials? Sunscreen, mozzie repellent, sufficient water and snacks, spare tube, puncture kit and tools. Helmet. Positive attitude. Sense of humour. Similar items.

Special note #1: We will be doing something on this ride we try to never do, which is ride through an area marked with a NO TRESPASSING - VIOLATORS WILL BE SHOT sign. Unfortunately we can’t find a viable alternative to using this piece of track. 
We also can’t find anyone who seems to care, so we think it’s OK. And furthermore my lawyer says they don’t have the right to shoot us. And if you really want to split hares, it looks like only runners will be shot, not bikers. But if you have a problem with this sort of thing you might want to give this ride a miss. Or at least wear your kevlar underwear.


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