Monday, April 19, 2010

KLMBH #188 Bandar Tasik Puteri - D DAY..

First of all, ARB would like to say many thanks to all Bashers who had joined in BTP Bash 18/4/2010– volunteer organized by collaboration of BBB and ARB team.
Deep apologize if there were something uncomfortable happened during the bash. Really hope your ride today was full of joy.

Enjoy the photos below. More photos available in KLMBH and ARB Cycling Team Facebook.

Until we meet in the next Bash. Kayuh ON! ON!

Registration started..

The Hares of the day..

PujMac team..


The Bashers....(click the photos for enlarge)

Briefing session..

Riders are climbing at Bkt Senyap..(click photos for enlarge)

Fuad, Along and BBBrigader..(the front runners)

Iron Lady...

Jamal, Azlam, Wardi and Azeman. Bravo guys!

Umar with his junior, Adam. Thumbs up!!


Great trails which required technical skills. Congrats ARB!

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