Saturday, May 14, 2011

Thank you Mr. Lam.. when we can ride together again?

From: Umar Zaman Hj. Mydeen <>
Date: 12 May 2011 12:24
Subject: Re: Bash #199 Ride at Bandar Tasek Puteri
To: Lam Wp <>
Cc: Kwan Mike <>, Riza Shaharuddin <>, "Scott C. Roberts" <>, Rob Schorr <>,, Azmi Orbea Azmi Shaari <>, Mohd Haris Khalim <>

Mr. Lam,

Thanks for the encouraging words. Really appreciate them. Hope to ride together soon.

Thx. Umar

On 12 May 2011 12:17, Lam Wp <> wrote:
Hi guys,
I am writing to you to express my appreciation for the hard work you guys and other cycling clubs have put in to come up with such superb xc trail. I really enjoyed the ride very much and the trail route is a lot better than the previous one also held in BTP some time last year. I wonder if you guys still remember I did complain about the previous ride. Hahaha!
As far as I am concerned, the Bash #199 is a superb xc trail for it comprises various elements that make mtb riding exciting, thrilling and fun. Examples:
  1. wide oil palm plantation roads for easy ride - I take it as a short break after hard ride earlier
  2. riding down the terrace is quite a challenge for some, it is short though
  3. short, steep climbs where most riders push bikes up - riding or pushing makes your heart, torso and leg muscles stronger
  4. long and fast descends (if you dare) in open slopes - thrilling experiene, sharpening your sensors and reaction
  5. twisty, uneven single tracks - lots of handlebar maneuvering and body balancing act
  6. short, steep descend on slippery surface where most riders walk their bike - riding down is a real test of biking skills such as brake control, handlebar maneuvering, body position and balancing act.
  7. Crossing the wooden bridge - it is easy task for experienced riders but isn't for newbies.
  8. It is a rare opportunity to ride among a herd of 40 cows, the woman shepherd on motorbike and to see "botak" oil palm trees where the oil palm tree tops have withered, waiting to be felled.
  9. Lots of marker papers along the trail - these are very important as they are reassuring riders 'no worries, you're on right track!" especially when there are no riders in front of and behind you.
  10. The trail distance 29km (however my cyclometer reading 26km) is just right for half-day ride.
I have uploaded some photos in fb earlier, not sure if it is already in the Home page. You may go to my profile Lam wp to see them.
See you guys again.
Thanks again for the wonderful ride.


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